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PVA's Customized Services

We provide customized consulting services that help organizations achieve their priorities and improve their overall effectiveness. We manage the whole transformation, or a series of the parts required to achieve their goals and objectives. We deliver problem resolution programs and knowledge transfer programs to sustain change over the long term. We adapt our focus to meet an organization’s unique needs and environments. We provide on-the-job coaching to reinforce changes. We achieve behavioural change in our client’s leadership resources to ensure an engaged workforce and sustained results.

Our services can be applied to different work environments and sectors, All types of Manufacturing , Maintenance ,Warehousing, Telecommunications - Field Technicians , Gas & Electrical Transmission and Distribution Operations, Engineering , Call and Support Centres, Forestry Services, Mining Operations.

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Operational Improvement & Process Optimization

Operational Improvement & Process Optimization

With so many operational pressures, how can we simultaneously run the business and improve the business?

We deliver continuous improvement programs that help organizations manage their systems, people and processes more effectively.

Field Integration for Large Scale Implementations

Field Integration for Large Scale Implementations

With so many technological changes, how do we know if people are proficiently using them?

We deliver field integration projects that help organizations translate new business requirements into effective operational practices.

Field Implementation Tools for Safety, Quality, Productivity

Field Implementation Tools for Safety, Quality, Productivity

With so many new requirements, how can we effectively oversee all of them?

We deliver field implementation projects that help organizations clarify Supervisory roles and responsibilities. We deliver leadership structures, models and tools for following up on new requirements.

Leadership Training & Field Application

Leadership Training & Field Application

With so many new leaders, how can we effectively manage the people and the work?

We deliver leadership training programs that develop current leaders and facilitate the onboarding of new leaders into the organization.


Change Enablement

With so many new future states to achieve, how do we know if people are complying?

We deliver change enablement projects that transition people from their different current states to a common future state. We recognize that everyone’s transition will be different.

& Field Alignment

Organizational & Field Alignment

With so much confusion around roles, how can we achieve internal alignment?

We deliver organizational alignment projects that clarify expectations and roles across business partners. We improve feedback loops for when things don’t go as planned.

Business Transformation & Integration

Business Transformation & Integration

With so many regional and cultural differences, how can we operate as one organization?

We deliver business transformation programs that help organizations adopt new business structures, models and strategies.


Increase the capabilities of our Client’s key resources through delivering management training, coaching and mentoring in their own work environment

Believe that sustainable results are achieved by working alongside our Clients as Partners, and as such, are deeply committed to our Client’s success

Employ only full-time Management Consultants who are trained experts at facilitating a bottom-up approach in the implementation of performance improvements and operational excellence

Have completed hundreds of projects in all types of Industries across North America and Europe

Are well recognized for delivering results that are tangible, measurable and sustainable