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We are a top-tier strategic partner for elite clients who highly value our ability to design and deliver transformation engagements that generate excellent and accelerated ROI and sustainable organizational change, in line with their vision and strategic imperatives.

Leading Successful Change

For over years, PVA Consulting Group (PVA) has been delivering successful and sustainable performance improvement projects for all types of industries and businesses across North America. Our Executive Leadership Team is comprised of a group of dedicated and seasoned professionals each with well over 2 decades of experience in all facets of performance improvement in both the private and public business sectors.

Our dynamic approach to organizational performance excellence through process improvement, changing behaviors at the point of execution and installing effective Management Operating Systems has driven substantial and sustainable results for our Clients in over 500 engagements.

Through this process and our combined efforts working with and through our Client’s people, PVA is able to deliver significant measurable financial and operational improvements as well as lasting cultural change.

As a private firm, with a lower overall cost structure than our competition, we are able to offer our services to many different organizations, while our experience allows us to be able to work with much larger organizations as well, helping PVA to provide every potential client with the best possible return on investment.

Our strength lies within our people, and in our belief in our processes, and has been the foundation of our success for more than years of delivering measurable and sustainable performance improvement programs.

PVA Consulting Group Inc. (PVA) was founded in 1992 by Normand Parisella and Philip Vincelli, both of whom remain actively involved with each and every one of their Clients.

We have achieved the desired outcomes and have processes in place to ensure sustainment of (the PVA) initiative.

Ken Keesey, Vice President of Customer Service/Sales, SaskTel.

Our Core Values

People Oriented

We value our people and their contributions. We recognize that everyone in an organization contributes to its' continued success.

Partnership Oriented

We value our Clients and their collaboration with our performance improvement efforts. We aim to foster long term relationships that are based on mutual respect and accountability.

Results Driven

We deliver results that are tangible, measurable and sustainable. We bring focused attention to operational and financial details that transform opportunities into results.

Customer Service Driven

We are attentive to our Clients needs. Alongside our Clients, we implement changes, while minimizing organizational disruptions, that exceed our Clients' expectations.

Integrity and Professionalism

We adhere to the highest standards of moral conduct and behavior. We are a professional group of Management Consultants that implement organizational changes in a highly structured, collaborative and transparent manner. We are a professional group of Management Consultants that implement organizational changes in a highly structured, collaborative and transparent manner.

Passionate and Dedicated

We are dedicated to our Client's success. We meet each challenge with enthusiasm and a determination to succeed.


Increase the capabilities of our Client’s key resources through delivering management training, coaching and mentoring in their own work environment

Believe that sustainable results are achieved by working alongside our Clients as Partners, and as such, are deeply committed to our Client’s success

Employ only full-time Management Consultants who are trained experts at facilitating a bottom-up approach in the implementation of performance improvements and operational excellence

Have completed hundreds of projects in all types of Industries across North America and Europe

Are well recognized for delivering results that are tangible, measurable and sustainable






Martin Gurtman

General Manager

Bryan Hayden

Vice-President Operations

Karina Cyr, CHRP

Human Resources Director

Alexandra Vincelli, ACC

Communications Manager, Organizational Development Coach

PVA provided the focus, format and coaching to drive change and achieve savings faster than would have been possible without them. The representative onsite was a tremendous resource and extremely effective in leading the activities and communicating with all levels of the organization.

Jeff Campbell
Manager, Nova Scotia Power

The PVA team has been a business partner since day one, ensuring the involvement of the Plant Management Team. They have worked to develop a positive working relationship at each of our facilities and varied the approach as needed to adjust to the culture at individual sites.

James W. Peacock
VP, WhiteWave Foods Company

After seeing our operational costs increasing year after year, we decided to enlist the help of consultants to address productivity concerns in the plant. We chose PVA because their approach seemed very grassroots to us, and we were right! Their involvement from start to finish and their connections with our front line supervisors and employees ensured the success of the project.

Mario N. Caissie
President, Imperial Sheet Metal


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