Utilities & PVA

Building Trust

Forging Partnerships

Sustaining Change

An Aerial View

Businesses are being forced to change how they work. How do we face the ongoing challenges in Utilities? Including:

  • Safety
  • Diminishing Usage Rates
  • Increased Capital Spend
  • Attrition and Legacy Occupations

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We Walk the Talk

The global COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shifted how employees adapt to change, including: safety and new work environments, processes, and roles?

The team at PVA works in the field alongside the client through the change process.

Energizing your Transformation

We develop the process with the client, thus gaining ownership from the front-line leadership. If they build the process, they own the process.
Hi, I’m Haris,Installation Manager at PVA

Boots on the Ground Consulting

Hi, I’m Stephanie.
“As we spend time in the field with the client, we start to build relationships that establish trust and make it easier to identify what can and should change to make the organization successful.”

Senior Consultant at PVA Consulting Group

POV: Front-Line Supervisors


Always alongside our clients, our team of consultants facilitate change while supporting growth and transformation.

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The PVA Work Process

Analysis (WPA)

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Thriving in Utilities:

Delivering Results

Check and adjust. During a time of immense change, enterprises are figuring out how to take care of their employees and keep their businesses operating.

"PVA is a Management Services Consultancy with close to three decades of business that works closely with Utility Partners to deliver organizational, operational and financial results across North America"

- Bryan Hayden, Vice President Operations