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Stay Ahead of the Curve

During these times of immense change, our telecommunications clients are striving to retain a safe and stable work environment for their employees while keeping their business costs in line from rising supplier prices and labor skills shortages.

"PVA is a Management Services Consultancy with close to three decades of business that works closely with our Telecommunications Industry Partners to deliver organizational, operational and financial results both in North America & internationally."

- Michael Hayes-Rivet, Sr. Analyst – PVA Telecom Practice

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Areas of Scope - Part 1


  • Safety Compliance
  • Missed Appointments
  • Number of Tickets per Technician per Day
  • Resource Planning & Scheduling
  • Labor Pressurization & Overtime
  • Multiple Truck Rolls
  • Contractor & Rental Management
  • Dispatch / Control Center Optimization

(IS, Finance, HR, Procurement, etc.)

  • Safety Compliance & Governance
  • Process Standardization & Optimization
  • Delivery of Projects On-time/on-budget
  • Inter- and Intra-departmental Communication
  • Customer Experience


  • Safety and Policy compliance
  • Productivity
  • Contract compliance
  • Project Overruns
  • Vendor Performance Reviews
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Areas of Scope - Part 2

MAINTENANCE (Fleet and Facility)

  • Safety Compliance
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Works Orders estimating
  • Field / Rapid Maintenance
  • PM compliance / Shut Dowm Maintenance
  • Work Order Backlog management
  • Reliability Maintenance


  • Procurement consolidation
  • Contract & PO Life Cycle management
  • End User Compliance
  • Vendor SLAs, Rates & End User Compliance
  • Working Capital Optimization
  • Variable Cost Control of Inventory & Materials

(Call Centers / Retail / Business Sales)

  • OSHA related compliance
  • Grade of Service
  • Average Handling Time
  • Abandon Rate
  • Calls Handled per Hour
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Within the Telecommunications industry, some of the challenges we have recently seen are:

  1. Safety compliance opportunities by all staff in executing new policies, procedures and processes.
  2. Increased financial and budgetary pressures through decreasing profit margins while continuing to manage resource costs increases and network optimization.
  3. Aging Assets and Fleets resulting in poor utilization; Budget attainment-to-plan; and increased OPEX and maintenance spend.
  4. Numerous ineffective communications and hands-offs between business areas impacting customer service and satisfaction, cost and schedule.
  5. New / Emerging Technology platforms not getting the anticipated return on investments.
  6. Lack of sufficient Manager and Supervisor training and coaching to prepare the next generation of frontline leaders.
  7. Management Operating Systems that are Data Rich but do not drive the right “Behaviours at the Point-of- Execution” © focusing on Safety, Quality and Efficiencies in the processes.
  8. Ensuring the most feasible CapEx funding source (i.e. reductions in operating costs).
  9. Unlocking competitive agility (within the corporation and the marketplace).


Our Approach begins in the Assessment Phase with gaining a deep understanding of our top client’s vision for future success and determining if there is a gap between the current state and their strategies for realizing it. 

We then combine our pure reputation for always delivering on our operational and financial benefit commitments, along with our industry-unique methodology of the strategic installation of significantly more effective processes and management operating systems across all in-scope functions of the client’s business enterprise, in order to sustainably transform our client’s organizations in-line with their vision.

Our Telecommunication clients, who are 95% unionized, have relied on us to help them achieve sustained results in:

  • 100% Safety Compliance and Safety Management Systems
  • Effective management operating systems and key performance indicators driving improved safety, customer service and satisfaction, quality, cost, schedule attainment, etc.
  • Reduced total time to repair (TRR) cycle
  • Reduced unnecessary truck rolls due to poor scheduling
  • Reduced overruns to project schedules and costs
  • Improved levels of AHT, NRT, ASA and GOS in the Call Centers
  • Improved alignment across mutually dependent departments