Thriving in Utilities:

Delivering Results

Areas of Scope

Power Generation

  • Work Management
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance Downturns / Shutdown Planning


  • Storage
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Meter Reading / Shop
  • Leak Repair
  • Maintenance / Inspection


  • Work Management / Planning
  • Stations Services (EMD & P&C)
  • Overhead & Underground
  • Trouble Response
  • Lines Crews
  • Forestry / Line Clearing
  • Capex Planning – Asset Management / Engineering / Technical Support

Customer / Ops Support

  • Call Centers
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Customer Service
  • Dispatch
  • Customer Support (Tier 1 – 3)


In Utilities, some of the challenges we have seen include:

  • Increased pressures from various energy boards and the public to reduce OPEX costs and rates while labour and material costs continue to increase.
  • Aging infrastructures and new investments resulting in increased CAPEX spend while usage rates are in decline.
  • Generational shift with legacy occupations leaving the workforce and a lack of effective succession planning and training needs.
  • New and emerging technology platforms not getting the anticipated return on investments as expected.
  • Safety compliance opportunities to current and new procedures and processes.
  • Numerous ineffective communications and hand offs between lines of business which eventually impacts cost and scheduling.
  • Management Operating systems that are data rich but do not drive the right behaviors at the point of Execution focusing on Safety, Quality and Efficiencies in the processes.


Our approach begins with gaining a deep understanding of our top client’s vision for future success and determining if there is a gap between the current state and their strategies for realizing it.

In order to sustainably transform our client organizations, we combine our 28+ years of expertise and trusted reputation for always delivering on our operational and financial benefit commitments. The latter in alignment with an industry-unique installation methodology yields significantly more effective processes and management systems. We drive this change along in-scope functions of the client business enterprise to then sustain results.

Our utility clients are 95% unionized and have relied on us to help them achieve sustained results in operational expense cost reduction and capital expense efficiency with:

  • Improved attainment to operational work estimates and unit costs.
  • Improved outage response times
  • Decreased work backlogs
  • Improved maintenance program schedule attainment and
  • Improvements in execution on safety management operating processes and procedures in the field