PVA uses a systematic approach to help organizations optimize their underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. Our experience with hundreds of different types of operations allows us to identify the operations or employee skills that need to be corrected, modified or removed to encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow and overall business growth.

Process Review and Refinement

Through our Assessment Process process designed to identify opportunities for improvement, PVA will conduct a collaborative review of your business processes, identifying hidden opportunities for improvement.

PVA believes that all work processes, no matter what type, require analysis and have significant opportunities for improvement.

In order to identify opportunities for business process improvement, and to generate buy-in throughout the organization, PVA utilizes a visual approach to process analysis through value stream mapping.

Each work process is charted using live documents, starting with the steps and sub-steps in order to document and identify how the work takes place in the current environment.

  • Where

    does the problem or opportunity occur?

  • What

    specifically is the problem or opportunity

  • Why

    does this problem or opportunity occur

What is the extent of each problem or opportunity with regard to:

  • Cost

    In order to maximize profitability and increase shareholder value

  • Quality

    To ensure organizations are always conforming to customer requirements

  • Schedule

    So that service levels are always achieved and deliverables are on time

  • Performance

    To become a more effective and productive organization

  • Safety

    To reduce injuries at work and minimize corporate risk

Value Stream Mapping

The data and information for each step of the mapping process is gathered and the map is built with Managers and Supervisors input from their respective areas of responsibility. Work times, cycle times and processing times are identified for each activity and are validated through actual observations by Management in the workplace.  These observations are critical to identifying operating problems and opportunities for improvement within the work activities and processes.

This collaborative approach between PVA, our client’s Management team and their employees provides the information that allows us to determine whether the issues and problems identified are process related, behavioral in nature, or the result of ineffective Management Operating Systems.