The PVA Assessment Process is designed to identify opportunities for improvement through a detailed analysis utilizing the three key elements of our performance improvement methodology.

Understanding our Client's Perceptions and Expectations

90% of our time during an assessment is involved in conducting observations in the workplace with your managers, supervisors and workforce. PVA’s analysis process is designed to discover how an organization’s work takes place and how the work “flows” from the beginning to the end of the process. We conduct “Day in the Life” workplace observations to understand and identify:

  • How your Supervisors manage their areas of responsibility and their resources at the point of execution
  • How the work takes place in the current environment to determine where opportunities for improvement exist
  • What areas, and to what extent, can the identified opportunities be impacted using the PVA approach

PVA's Performance Improvement Methodology

Business Process Improvement

Through analysis and observation, PVA conducts a collaborative review of your business processes, identifying hidden opportunities for improvement

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Behavioral Change

Through our training, coaching and mentoring process, Managers and Supervisors will increase their time spent actively managing from a low of 5% to as much as 40 to 60%

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Management Operating Systems

Providing Management with the proper tools to help them more effectively manage their processes and resources 

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