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Implentation Phase

What does a day of implementing continuous
improvement tools look like?


AM Ritual

Utilities Client

  • 4h30 AM:Wake-up
  • 6h40 AM:Arrival at client’s site:
  • Covid screening Forms
  • 6h55 AM:Quick coaching meeting:
  • Safety Concerns
  • Operational Issues
  • Lessons Learned
  • 7h20 AM:Observe Crew Warm Up

AM Ritual Continued

  • 7h30 AM:Site Tour with foreperson:
    • Review and sign off tailboards
    • Consultant Observation
    • Provide feedback and tailored coaching
  • 8h30 AM:Review of Visual Management Boards
  • 9h00 AM:Break time!
  • 9h30 AM – 12h00 PM: Site Tour Including:
  • Safety Concerns
  • Operational Issues
  • Lessons Learned

PM Ritual

  • 12h00 PM: Lunch time
  • 12h30 PM: PVA Internal roundtable to reconnect on team activities, wins and opportunities
  • 1h00 PM: Observation and Real-Time coaching

PM Ritual Continued

  • 2h30 PM:Updating coaching log and adding action items for the next visit
  • 3h00 PM:Daily Touch Point Meeting observation between Foreperson and their Senior Foreperson
  • 3h30 PM:Daily Coordination Meeting
  • 5h00 PM:Post-Job Review Meeting with Forepersons and crew:
  • Opportunity for feedback
  • Update on progress
  • Confirm Action Items for the week
  • 6h00 PM:Post-day workout – healthy body, healthy mind!
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