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Our Client is a leading manufacturer and printer of specialty paperboard packaging in northeastern United States. Their in-house carton converting, digital pre-press, mini-flute packaging, and design capabilities support virtually any packaging requirement. They currently do packaging for the health and beauty, entertainment, pharmaceutical, and vitamin industries. Our Client features a broad range of high quality manufacturing capabilities, from flexographic printing on labels to commercial printing to folding cartons.


  • Ensuring that all asset utilization is optimized.
  • Improving productivity (output per man-hour) to reduce operating costs.
  • Increasing accountability with the floor personnel.
  • Reviewing availability of information and determining proper process flows that contribute to better decision making processes on-the-floor.
  • Implementing Management Operating Systems (MOS) that focus on integrating all operational areas.
  • Driving ownership and accountability throughout the various levels of management, as well as ensuring that the organization is able to continually optimize their effectiveness.

Assessment Findings

  • The paper waste tracking system did not identify root causes to assist in developing corrective action plans.
  • There were no specific time expectations (start time, run time, etc…) on daily schedules of what was to be completed by press.
  • Operators were waiting for other areas: quality inspectors, maintenance, materials or approvals in order to complete their work.
  • Operators were not running the equipment at targeted speeds.
  • Operators were adjusting the presses based on experience with no prepared guidelines.
  • There was inadequate balancing of the work activities between the work areas: production, fold & glue, die and bindery.

PVA's Response

  • Provided training and on-the-floor performance coaching of the Supervisors related to their roles and responsibilities based on more proactive management profiles.
  • Re-aligned the management team’s roles and responsibilities with their processes, communication requirements and Management Operating Systems (MOS) to ensure consistent internal expectations along with increased levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Modified work methods and techniques that were causing waste in materials, press utilization, and labor effectiveness.
  • Developed standards and machine running rates for every aspect of the work execution.
  • Established required crewing levels which led to the improved planning of work.
  • Re-defined roles and responsibilities for all Supervisors and Managers.

The Results

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Some significant results obtained by our Client included:

  • 33% improvement in yield.
  • Increased the level of proactive supervisory behaviors from 6% to 45% by focusing on regular tours and communication with all personnel by the Supervisors.
  • Improvements in throughput of more than 30% on average in all functional areas.
  • Development of a culture of measurement and accountability at all levels of the organization.
  • Designed and installed a truly effective planning mechanism from Sales to Shipping.

Improvement in Supervisory Activities

Printing Speciality Paperboard Products Supervisory Activities

6% 1% 7% 30% 56%
45% 10% 25% 10% 10%
  • Active Supervision
  • Training
  • Administration
  • Manual Work
  • Available

Improvement in Productivity

Printing Speciality Paperboard Products: Sheets Per Manhour

Printing Speciality Paperboard Products: Units Per Manhour

Total Savings

Printing Speciality Paperboard Products: Total Savings

Long Term Work Continuation

  • A Client Coordinator was trained and certified during the PVA engagement.
  • A quarterly audit program of the new Management Operating System was developed for the Coordinator.
  • PVA conducted audits over 18 months to ensure compliance to the continued utilization of the Management Operating Systems.
  • These Audits resulted in recommendations and action plans to further identify additional opportunities for improving operations.

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PVA had a unique way of getting feedback and concepts out of the employees, as well as, getting them involved and inspired.

Senior Vice President Operations & CEO

The best part was PVA's professionalism and the change that they brought about in our organization.