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Our Client is the world’s largest single site mushroom growing facility and is unique to its industry in that mushrooms are grown and harvested underground. The farm covers over 2,030 acres above ground and 150 miles of abandoned underground limestone tunnels encompassing 800 acres beneath the surface with production capability of 60 million pounds annually.


This client provides employment to over 500 people from the local community. The main label of this company has been recognized around the world as an industry leader for their consistent quality, freshness and flavor since 1937.


  • Training and coaching of the Supervisors to lead, involve and engage their employees more in the planning and follow-up of the work activities.
  • Improving collaboration on the farm between the employees and management to drive the foundation for overall improved team performance.
  • Reducing waste and improving yield.
  • Improving the utilization of resources within their workforce.

Assessment Findings

  • Work Time

  • Non-effective Time

PVA's Response

  • Implemented forecasts, schedules of the growing and harvesting activities, and plans that optimize resources and production, while maximizing yields.
  • Included the growing operations in the planning process to ensure crop availability when required.
  • Fine-tuned the Management Operating Systems (MOS) in all areas to integrate observed standards for all work activities and commit the use of resources to an effective planning process.
  • Installed Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to assist the Supervisors in focusing on variance identification and resolution.
  • Followed-up on the execution of action plans generated by the identification of variances.
  • Provided training and one-on-one performance coaching which focused on defining roles and responsibilities, improving employee engagement, improving follow-up on required picking skills, and improving communication at all organizational levels.

The Results

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Some significant results obtained by our Client included:

  • Implementation of standardized methods that ensure the quality and efficiency of the picking process.
  • Attainment to the target for ‘lbs picked per salary dollar paid’ within the related departments.


Agriculture Farming Savings

Long Term Work Continuation

  • A Client Coordinator was trained and certified during the PVA engagement.
  • A quarterly audit program of the new Management Operating System was developed for the Coordinator.
  • Furthermore, PVA conducted audits over 18 months to ensure compliance to the continued utilization of the Management Operating Systems.
  • These Audits resulted in recommendations and action plans to further identify additional opportunities for improving operations.

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