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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. PVA is a dedicated group of Management Consultants specializing in the implementation of the changes required to significantly improve our Client's operational effectiveness.
We provide management training and coaching of your organization's key resources, that is designed to optimize work processes and performance.
We implement a bottom-up approach that prioritizes employee engagement in the change process.

We deliver results!
Management and Productivity Development

PVA Delivers Performance Improvements

The Situation:  Most companies make substantial capital investments but don't invest effectively in their people.

Our Response:  We provide management training and coaching to your organization’s key resources within their work environment that delivers results.
The Outcome:



MTS Allstream Inc.
"PVA provided a sound and proven methodology and a tool kit to enable our organization to increase efficiency and reduce costs."
– Kelvin Shepherd
President Consumer Markets Division
MTS Allstream Inc.

WhiteWave Foods Company
"The PVA team has been a business partner since day one, ensuring the involvement of the Plant Management Team. The delivery of improvement tools and the reinforcement of needed behaviors have paid off in dollars and the sustaining behavior needed for "continuous improvement".
– James W. Peacock,Vice President
Manufacturing and Logistics
WhiteWave Foods Company

Canam and Structal
"PVA knows how to combine the rigor of their system implementation with the constraints and requirements of daily production. Our financial expectations were met, and following their recommendation, we assigned someone to be responsible internally for the perpetuation of the system and for conducting regular audits. I congratulate PVA for their work"
– Mario Bernard, President
Canam and Structal


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This publication provides both practical information and real-life applications for obtaining improved performance levels in any economic condition.

The PVA Advantage

Our capabilities are derived from the following:

Our Strengths:
  • Our People
  • Our Proven PVA Methodology
  • Our Classroom Management Training Workshops
  • Our One-on-One Management Coaching in the Workplace
  • Our Delivery of Measurable Results

Sustainable Results:
  • Our Management Operating Systems
  • Our Coordinator Program
  • Our Continuous Improvement Process
  • Our Audit Process

Our Initial Offer:
  • A No Cost Assessment
  • A 1:1 Guarantee on your Investment

Our Expertise

We Deliver Results!

We deliver tangible, measurable and sustainable performance improvements of 25% to 35% through our expertise in:

  • Changing Behaviors at the Point of Execution

  • Business Process Optimization

  • Management Operating Systems


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We can be reached directly at:

1-877-970-1970 or